Sta Rite Dyna Glas Pump Model MPRA6E-147L

Hi. Thanks for the videos they made it easy to get as far as I did with my pump repair. However, I recently purchased a pump motor but I don’t think the shaft is right. The old one flat on the top and the new one has a little bit of a point. I can’t get the impeller to attach screw on to the new one. I am holding the back of the shaft so it is not spinning. I uploaded pictures of the old and new shaft tips and the tag on the pump that attaches. Can you tell me if I need a different part or if I’m just not pushing the impeller on there enough.








Thanks so much for the pictures, Can you send me one more of the full motor and the label on the new motor box, I am thinking , from what I am seeing that you have the wrong motor in hand