Hayward Super Pump Squeaking Bearings

If you own a Hayward Super Pump swimming pool pump and the motor is starting to make noise then chances are you have Hayward Super Pump squeaking bearings inside of your pool pump motor.

Inside the Hayward Super Pump & Super Pump II there are two motor ball bearings. When these bearings start to go bad they can make a squeaking, squalling or grinding sound. The good news is that these electric motor bearings can be replaced for a reasonable fee by either yourself or a pump repair shop.

If your Super Pump’s motor is making a loud noise you can either take it to a repair shop, fix it yourself, or send it into our mail in pool pump repair service. Depending on how loud your pump is will determine how long it will last before having it repaired.

If the noise is really bad and your neighbors are starting to complain about the pump being to loud when it runs, then chances are you need to fix the pump right away. If you wait to long and ignore the loud bearings other damage could happen to the internal components of the pool pump motor, so its best to have your pump repaired right away if the motor bearings are in fact loud.

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How To Change The Hayward Super Pump Bearings

1) Remove The volute from the motor, You can do this by removing the four 9/16″ bolts that connect the volute / wet end to the electric motor on your super pump.

2) Once you have removed the volute you will see the pump diffuser that is covering the impeller of the pump. You will need to remove the diffuser by just pulling on it and then you will see the impeller. Once you see the impeller you will be able to remove that as well. Turn the impeller counter clockwise while holding onto the back of the motor shaft.

3) Once you have removed the impeller and diffuser, the next step will be to remove the seal housing from the motor. There are four bolts that connect the seal housing to the motor end bell. You can remove these bolts with a 9/16″ socket or open end wrench.

4) Now that you have completely separated the electric motor from the wet end / volute of the pump you can now get ready to remove the motor through bolts.

5) On the back of the motor you will find four through bolts that can be removed with a 5/16″ socket or nut driver if you happened to have a set of nut drivers. Once you remove the four through bolts you will be able to knock off both of the end motor end bells and then you will be able to remove the motor armature.

6) Once you have the motor armature out of the motor windings you will now see the two bearings that are on the shaft. You will want to use a bearing puller to remove the bearings from the armature shaft. You can buy a bearing puller online or at a local store like Sears.

7) Now that you have removed the bearings from the shaft you can get your new bearings out of the box and get ready to press them on to the armature.

8) Now that you have replaced the bearings, you will want to carefully re-assemble your Hayward Super Pump.

Hayward Super Pump Repair Kit


How To Have Your Pump Repaired

If you do not have the time or mechanical experience to fix your Hayward Super Pump yourself you can bring it down to a local pump shop. Most towns will have either an electric motor rebuilding shop that will sometimes be called a Armature Repair Shop. Armature is one of the internal components inside of most electrical motors that have windings..

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