Watkins Wavemaster Series 8200 Pump Needs Impeller Help

Hi! First, let me say thanks for the great videos. You guys do a great job. I had a quick question that I’m hoping you can help me with. I was following one of our videos about how to remove the impeller from a pump. I pulled the motor from the plastic casing, pulled it off, and got it all off…however when I tried to insert the motor body back in, it doesn’t seem to want to go in all of the way. I feel like it’s catching on something, but no idea what it is. The area where you put your flat head screw driver doesn’t go all the way to the end of the body like it was before I pulled it out (if that makes sense.) Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Does the motor have to go in a certain way when inserting it?

Thank you for the kind words, we would love to help you, first try going back over the videos to make sure that you did not miss a step. If you continue having the same problem, please send me some pictures of the problem area and I will be more than happy you walk you through it.

Watkins WaveMaster Spa Pump Model 8200 Needs Bearings

I have a 2008 limelight flair hot tub. I’m pretty sure that one of the jet pumps is going out or has gone out. Just trying to find out how much the kit is from you guys. Also is there a way to diagnose if it is the pump or the motor? My spa actually has two pumps, a wave master 8200 and a wave-master 8000 I believe.



I have the bearings here:

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