Emerson Motor Model R63MWENA-4727 Needs Bearings

My pump leaks at the shaft, which I believe means that the seal has failed. Could you please recommend replacement seals?


Emerson Motor Model R63MWENA-4727


Emerson Motor Waterway Exec 56


Here is the kit you need and thank you for the pictures


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Waterway Executive 56 Pump Model PV-30-2N22C

A few days ago I noticed an abnormal sound so I popped the side off to discover the pump was damaged.
I’m hoping your expertise can tell what happened here. I am not sure if I can or should repair this pump considering it condition. The pump is about 5 years old (when we bought the spa).

I’m an auto technician, mechanically inclined, but I’m just not sure it’s worth the time to rebuild this pump or just get a replacement. My concern is the internals are corroded from exposure and I’m not sure I can even get parts if that is the case.







Here is the kit you need:


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