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Vico Ultimax Capacitor

Vico Ultimax Pump and Motor 370V Capacitor

Rebuilt my vico Ultimax 5hp.. New bearings and seals. Went to dry test and it hums. If I turn the shaft the capacitor kicks in and will run, once I shut it off it just hums until I turn the shaft. I think I need a new capacitor. Before I order one online I would […]


VICO Ultimax Spa Pump with GE Motor 2352 Cracked Impeller

You helped me get the upper bearing out of a GE 2352 motor driving a VICO Ultimax Spa Pump today. When cleaning things up, I noticed a crack in the tube sticking out of the impeller. It doesn’t look critical to me for sealing. What do you think?   Just cut the impeller flush after […]