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Jandy Stealth SHPF2.0-2 Pump with AO Smith 7-196159-06

My pool motor bearings are starting to go out. I would like to replace the bearings but not sure which bearing kit to order? Motor replacement number is R0445107. See attached pic for motor spec






Thank you for the email and pictures, here is the link you need to order the kit for your pump.


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Sta-Rite Dyna Glas with A.O. Smith SQ1202 Motor Fried?

Wishing to place order for bearings, seal kits and NEED impeller round plastic part in picture. Pump symptoms include leaking, and Loud, please recommend any parts, Capacitor too? Have not yet succeeded in getting impeller off. Will try strap method in vice next. Need to order ASAP.


The rebuild kit with just bearings and seals is listed below and for the capacitor, the best way is to go to your local Grainger and have them match it up for you.


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