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Hayward Super Pump Squeaking Bearings

If you own a Hayward Super Pump swimming pool pump and the motor is starting to make noise then chances are you have Hayward Super Pump squeaking bearings inside of your pool pump motor. Inside the Hayward Super Pump & Super Pump II there are two motor ball bearings. When these bearings start to go […]

Jacuzzi Splash Pool Pump Squealing?

When your Jacuzzi Pool Pump starts to make a loud noise like a squealing sound, a grinding noise or maybe it just hums and will not run. These are all common signs that the ball bearings inside of your electric pump motor have gone bad and need to be replaced by yourself if you are […]

Hayward Super Pump Priming Instructions

The Hayward Super Pump is a swimming pool pump that is made for in ground swimming pools but can also be used in some above ground applications, commercial pool filter systems and can be also used to filter ponds. This type of pump is called a “self priming pump” but does need to be primed […]