Hayward Super Pump II Review

One of the most popular swimming pool pumps today is the Hayward Super Pump II. This pump offers a fully rated as well as a high performance pump that was designed with the most advanced technology that includes the Full Flow Hydraulic System. What makes this pump different than the rest is that the hydraulics offers a more efficient water flow without the high energy costs that come with running a high efficiency pump. The Super Pump II works best on In Ground swimming pools of all different shapes and sizes. It is compatible with in floor cleaning systems as well as solar covers, solar cleaning systems, heating systems and even waterfalls and water fountains.

The Super Pump II is easy to service and all parts are very accessible. The Super Pump II even comes with a Pump Lid Removal tool, every pool owner knows how hard it can be to remove those lids. With the Pump Lid Removal Tool it will take seconds to open the lid. There are 16 different models of the Super Pump II. There are models that range in horsepower starting at ¾ to 3 horsepower. There are pumps that are available in Single and Dual Speed, depending on what size pool you have. The Dual Speed pumps are available in 115/230 volt or 230. The Single Speed is 230 Volts.

The parts on the Hayward Super Pump II are all made with a high quality rust proof thermoplastic that will ensure a longer life for your pump. The Super Pump II has an excellent reputation among swimming pool owners when it comes to quality and performance. Super Pump II users do not have huge energy costs, since these pumps are all energy efficient. By choosing the right size pump for the your swimming pool can make all the difference. If you are not sure what you need, visit your local swimming pool supply store and ask a Hayward Representative for assistance. You can’t go wrong with a Hayward Super Pump II. You will see the savings in the energy costs as well as how little time you need to maintain your swimming pool.