Polaris Booster Pump with AO Smith 8-173840-23

Over the winter, the rear bearing cap somehow came off of my Polaris pump (Century B625) and I would like to change the bearings,  I don’t want to use the motor until I can replace the bearings . I should change the seal as well. Do you have a kit I can use ?






Thank you for the email and the pictures.  The bearing and seal kit you need is :


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Polaris PB Booster Pump with AO Smith O-173840-23 Motor

Hi, my Polaris Booster Pump/Century/A.O. Smith 1081 is making a hideous screaming noise. I believe my bearings are out. Should I replace the capacitor at the same time? If so, what are the the part numbers that I need to order from you.





We have a Polaris Booster Kit in stock, this is the kit you will need :

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