Pentair Whisperflo 1 hp A.O. Smith Motor Needs Repair

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your YouTube videos. My son and I would like to rebuild pump and motor we need  the bearings, the seals, the large O-ring  The motor was  buzzing and having difficulty starting.
but it’s making a running noise that sounds like something loose. Thank you !


AO Smith Motor 177450

Thank you for the email and the picture , here is the kit you need:

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Pentair Whisperflo Model WF-28 Rebuild Kit

This pump has been loud for a couple of months but I think today it went down for an eight count. I was thinking of purchasing a kit from you guys tomorrow, but wanted to make sure it has the bearing puller with it. Also, do your how-to videos describe how to disconnect it from the pool pvc piping, or am I expected to know how to do that? Do you think I have to cut the pvc piping to disconnect the pump?




Thanks for the email. We do have kits that have bearing pullers and we have kits that do not. Here is the kit you need and yes you will have to cut the pvc piping.


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