Jandy Stealth JHP Pump with AO Smith 7-193632-24 Needs Bearings

This pump’s bearings are shot. I could not find an exact match for this pump on your site. Do you have replacement bearings for this pump? Does this pump require a bearing puller? Also, I cannot determine how this pump comes apart. I have removed the through-bolts, but neither end is coming off easily. I do not want to force it and break something.




Here is the bearing kit you will need, as far as the removal of the bearings, it would work best with a bearing puller. The thru bolts may come off easier by heating them up. If you break any, take one to your local Grainger and they will match them up for you.

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Jandy Stealth Pump SHPM 2.5 is Squeaking Need Bearings

I have a Jandy Stealth SHPM 2.5 and pumps function has deteriorated and I would like to repair it and not replace it yet. It is 7 years old, It squeaks when it starts up. Can you help me please? What do I need to do?


Here is the kit you need :


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